women didnt understand and wasnt ready for the way to help our youngest one,

back in 1960ties went school meeting had great idea like what ive suggestedto your suggestion box women said at that time that societiy wasn,t ready for it What reay for WHAT, value perspect, we taught as children now 50years later they still not ready for it to teach our children the vaues of life ,so what isit women want attention, blaming men for there thoughts what have they learnt about life and chilren action in all this time of probale raising chilren an experiencing life what havethey learnt if they not reay for the wisdom words path , it has to be done on level of man women of thier understanding if we want to survive on earth our life nd next generations to come if not thinking your self think next generations to come, Ones words what said, goes to the mind one words what said goes tothe heart there a different, wor come from the mouth are empty shallow, word that come from the heart is warm an enlightning, , there a ifference kis today can see the falseness

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