the reason 4 ourbeing can be one through policeies

on ground survival human life an this planet how it can be done in fairness to all mankind an cultures, our passage through time as we go we balance out the weather patterns we had it all before got thus far made a mistake an broke universe apart, an ha to startfrom scratch again 4 times each time we got this far in getting it right we repeat past mistakes until no life left, on earth ol time saying were put their to stop us from going t far in wrong irectin before our time, our words from past present all go up form the clouds, younger ones min dont have the vision to understand or see this, men own the whole amp shooting box but theyhave the 7 gods surrounding each culture and guiding them preventing them going t far before they have back tracked into own life an mistakes against other corrected them, gods are holding them back an the mistake men made was they put women in front of them, women role was to balnce an guide men back on track this happen in apartner ship an when in society they react this action with other ,as well as in a relatinship an man goes over womens heads right out into universe back again, this is another action goes on women they to go out go over others heas that not thier partners, women had most importat role of all to play, butont seem to understand , why , how it can be one in fairness to all culture save this planet an balance out the weather patterns as we go we get it right on earth the rest planets be easy, we found the way , man has being trying to workout fr years centries, how to stay alive in human form, on earth to eternity, wrong balance man women insystem will not help the situation facing us picture our worstange in knots in cloud forms when it comesin on us causes ill health stress accidents even death, whenones a chil they yell at other I sai that, an if when an ault these wor comes in on them then it means they overlooked a chilhood mistake which ont concern the converstaion at the time, simple as that, he a lot more to ourlive meets eye, an giving politians their legalright be fore orinary nzers willonly block one passage in time.

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