herethe most important one an injustice labour doing best to cover up,

now nzf or any party cant with out discrimination go public favour Lee Ross over his health issues, an that he has the right to be heard, , well this innocent person backin1987 had the right to be heard, as well the law of this country states that, ask ministerail inquiry to winston anjudith collins of late and was refused the reason being was the nz govt involvement in a conviction with out evidence, so why is labour nzf still running around each other trying to change fact truth coveing upthsinjustice is woud be easier for grant robertson tocome clean admit he and other were wrong so we can all go ahead to the future the right way , wasit a conspiricy, was it deliberate, an worst why try to coverit up when the wrong comes back at them, no woner they want stop gods or jesus out pray inparliament they think it save them,a what about their famiies an generatin down with grant indeaver tocover this up with the new drug law he pushing through parliamentwhere treasurer will make heaps on it another step to distroy human life at the cost and exspence of low income people billion the govt make from it, legalizeing street drugs, m.billion they be able to brag about at the exspence human low income people just about the level of inteigence of ur treasury nz govt first sentenced innocent man 1987 as helen clake adviser, now legalize street drugs that will harm more people then help is grant on these drugs himself , here the hell they leading this country with out fore seeing the vision or damage this greed for money will do to human being , in all honesty i can be part of this kind dicrimnations of a culture, to ones rights of past being hidden amongst more dangerious , policies that will only help to distroy humans andthis planet, The reasoning behind all this wisdom passage in time, as we alread seen over seas the elements from the universe will suffocate earth again , by using this wisom words way we can hold the weather at bay, itsall about our conscious min andour subconious mind, our subconsious mind know the truth as its being their before , our past mistakes against others is what prevent any one form going ahead in time, all grant and co partner in this injustice, doing is which child will this mistake be laid on an history repeat itself in that family, they in past time of family tree, they went behind gods chair, to the top under underneath and behind gods chair to hide their guit lies and conspiries first the had to come face to face with gods then back down to famiy this is the pridictament we in today time, we have to correct in ourselve first thenin our chilren as we see them doing it, we have to aim for the perfect world if we want to survive on earth , our words can play be partin the balance weather patterns, once our own past mistakes have been correcte in our chilren ,one cnt go underneath other lives all that happen they take the light out the day an we allbe living in darkness that why it has to be done on levels of understand the real reason 4 our being last straw legalizing street drugs has labour lost mind thought they for low income people not greed for more money to brag about how much in profit they got country wellsupose the level of what they think life about leave much to be desired inparliament

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