Winston Peters wants to turn immigration ‘upside down’ in wake of population growth

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has vowed to turn Immigration New Zealand upside down until he gets answers on how New Zealand's population is growing, his comments come in the wake of Census 2018 revealing a significant population growth over recent years.

Mr Peters told The AM Show he's eager for answers from Immigration NZ about how decisions are being made: “When we try and trawl down an immigration department as to the granular detail upon which you can make decisions, you get some extraordinary results we're trying to fix up as we speak”.

"I'll give you one, if I come back from overseas as a New Zealander, been away for 10 years, I'm regarded as an immigrant,” he asked.

"If you start at that most basic, moronic, decision where do you go from there? So we are going to find out what's exactly happening with precision and we intend to turn this department upside down until we get those accurate answers,” the Party Leader added.

Mr Peters said in a post-Cabinet conference on Monday immigration needs to slow and there's needs to be work on the "supply-side" for housing.

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