Winston Peters: Trans-Tasman bubble to help tourism industry make swift recovery

A quick start to a trans-Tasman bubble could see the tourism industry make a swift recovery, according to Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

"I believe tourism will turn around dramatically faster than people think," Mr Peters told reporters after Thursday's Budget.

"Why? Because I think the Tasman bubble is [going to] be open far more quickly."

The NZ First leader said other than exploring their own backyard, Australians would have nowhere to go but New Zealand, which would inject a much-needed boost to our tourism industry, and vice versa.

Even though people might not be as willing to part with their money and take an international holiday, only having two options - Australia or New Zealand - could result in a "far greater and rapid recovery of tourism".

"That diminished marketplace option, even though people won't be as wealth - given that the options are only us two countries - should see a far greater and rapid recovery of tourism in some parts of our economy that hither to have been written off," Mr Peters said.

The Deputy Prime Minister has previously talked up the pace of a possible trans-Tasman bubble, although he appears more optimistic than others.

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