Winston Peters to unions: “Attacking the government won’t work”

Speaking at the Council of Trade Unions' (CTU) biennial conference, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters told unionists that any future attacks on the Government won't work.

"Now, we are being attacked by the union movement in this country. You can have your views but I'm here to say standing in the middle of the [political] spectrum, that it won't work.”

He also emphasized that New Zealand First is a centrist party, not guided by ideology but rather common-sense solutions.

"We are making sure this is not a right-wing Government, nor a left-wing one," Mr Peters told those gathered.

"We preside over a solutions-focused, future-orientated Government rooted in tangible facts and not spurious economic theory."

Mr Peters then took aim at the unions, asking what they were doing in the nine years National was in power.

"While conditions of much of the workforce deteriorated under the previous Government for nine-long years with stagnated wages and a rising cost of living getting out of control, we didn't see enough action from you," he said to unionists present.

Mr Peters also took credit for the minimum wage increases so far delivered and promised by the Coalition Government. In fact, he revealed that New Zealand First had gone to a much higher figure than what the Labour Party campaigned on.

"You will not find anyone arguing that it wasn't us that set the higher figure.”

"It is not our coalition partner' policy, it's ours – unlike Shane Jones, I won't ask you to start cheering now,” the Party Leader told the crowd.

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