Winston Peters: “Simon Bridges all talk, no action on gangs”

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has hit back at National Party leader Simon Bridges who criticized the Coalition Government’s approach to crime, and said that the latter isn't credible in his attack on the Government over gang recruitment.

"We've got as massive drug problem in this country. It is what has given wealth to the gangs and created so much activity and assists their recruitment and we've got to defeat it and the Government has made some serious steps to do just that and to have him carping and yapping like a badly-bred dog on the sidelines with his party's record of saying one thing and doing nothing is so typical of Simon Bridges," Mr Peters says.

The NZ First leader said that Mr Bridges likes to talk tough on crime, but does nothing when National are in government. Mr Peters said the country is dealing with an influx of gang members deported from Australia which has led to a boost in drug activity.

Mr Peters also reminded WaateaNews that this Coalition Government had committed to recruiting 1,800 more frontline police officers to tackle with the crime rate, which was a campaign promise by New Zealand First.

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