Winston Peters: NZ First ensured best possible arrangement for farmers on climate change act

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters was on rural radio show, “The Country”, to talk about what our party has been doing in the Coalition Government for rural farmers. The Deputy Prime Minister also responded to attacks from National Party MP Judith Collins, who accused Peters of being “all piss and wind” when it came to supporting our agricultural sector.

Speaking to host Jamie Mackay, Mr. Peters argued that contrary to being “all puff and no substance” as what Ms. Collins suggested, NZ First actually put flesh to the Paris Climate Agreement that the National Party signed the country up to while they were in government.

“Judith, you and your colleagues went off to Paris and signed an agreement, and you had no idea whatsoever how you were going to keep that agreement that you signed,” the Party Leader said.

Meanwhile, NZ First have made sure that farmers are a part of the Paris Agreement and that they would be compensated for being part of the climate change agreement.

“Now - that is a whole lot better way forward than the farmers ever had before and there's no use you, who don't know one end of a cow from the other, really going to bag a party called New Zealand First, who had a number of people who came off the dairy farm in the first place and understand farming better than they ever will,” Mr. Peters said taking aim of the National MP.

The NZ First leader also reminded listeners that it was his party that stopped the Capital Gains Tax from pushing through, and now the party has also ensured the “best possible arrangement” that farmers will have with regards to the Paris Agreement.
Finishing the interview, Mr. Peters called on farmers to “put aside [their] political bias and back [NZ First] as well.”

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