Winston Peters makes the case on why farmers should back NZ First

Speaking to Jamie Mackay on The Country, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters makes the case for why farmers should still back the Coalition Government and specifically, his party.

“The reason why the farming community should vote for New Zealand First is that, compared to party they've been loyal too all these years, who have done absolutely nothing for them - and not one of you what the National Party's ever done for you lately - they used to have the dollar heading towards 80 cents US. That was enormously destructive of farming profits.”

“[The Coalition has] got it at 65, 66 - and it's not there by accident - and it may even go lower. That means that you're 20, 22 per cent better off than you were,” Mr. Peters added.

The party leader also emphasized the strategic investment made towards infrastructure in rural New Zealand, including providing more hospitals and doctors and medical treatment in these areas.

“That's why New Zealand First should be the party you're voting for. Because we've got provincial polices, we understand the agrarian essentials when it comes to the economy of the rural people,” Mr. Peters concluded.

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