Winston Peters calls Opposition “lemon suckers” during debate on gang numbers

In a heated debate in Parliament, National's Deputy Leader Paula Bennett claimed that “nearly 1600 patched gang members have been added” since the Coalition Government took power.

To illustrate her point, she altered a chart used by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to show her government’s progress in housing to instead reflect the number of new gang member under the Coalition Government.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters - who was answering questions on behalf of the Prime Minister - wasn't pleased with Ms Bennett's assertions, stating the previous National government was to blame for any rise in gang member numbers.

Mr Peters took issue with Ms Bennett’s use of an altered chart.

"Holding up a chart like that is actually rather sad because what that chart represented yesterday was the highest house-building rate in this country since 1973," he said. 

"This fantastic news that should be celebrated has now been, by the number one lemon suckers in the country, turned around into a chart about gangs."

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