Tobacco Tax Survey

New Zealand First has invoked the ‘Agree to Disagree’ provisions of the Coalition Agreement because it cannot support the announced 11.46 percent increase in the tobacco excise from 1 January 2020. We believe it causes more crime, targets the poor, and simply isn’t effective at reducing numbers of people who smoke.

Let us know your thoughts on increasing the tobacco excise tax.

New Zealand smokers already pay about 83% of the cost of cigarettes in tax. The proposed increase to tobacco excise of 11.46% is excessive, hurts poor smokers, and has made tobacco a target for criminals. Would you agree?

As of the first of January 2020 the excise tax on tobacco increased by 11.46%. New Zealand First has already agreed to disagree with coalition partners on implementing this change, as we believe that this excise is excessive, hurts poor smokers and has made tobacco a target for criminals. We believe that it is time for common-sense policies on tobacco, and that the benefit to public health from excise increases peaked years ago. Now they are just punishing smokers with no change in behaviour.