Progress towards ending the use of 1080

Rt Hon Winston Peters, New Zealand First Leader

New Zealand First applauds the announcement of a $19.5m Provincial Growth Fund investment to develop innovative predator control approaches that do not use 1080 poison.

“This funding signals a necessary and significant shift away from the use of 1080 in New Zealand without compromising our pest control requirements,” said New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters.

“New Zealand First has maintained its opposition to 1080 and that with adequate resources, research and development into alternatives, we can replace it.”

The announcement, made today by Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones and Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage, will stimulate the development of more effective traps, lures, remote sensing, and surveillance and data management technologies.

“This is in addition to research into alternatives to 1080 through National Science Challenges already committed to in the Coalition Agreement, which New Zealand First secured in the coalition negotiations.

“The Coalition Government is making great strides to find more effective predator control solutions that, in time, we hope to render 1080 redundant,” says Mr Peters.


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    commented on Progress towards ending the use of 1080 2019-06-24 17:50:30 +1200
    Please ban 1080 now Winston our people in Lake Taupo are suffering from the brutal harm of this scourge. This is not our culture. And should never be in our country its total madness and destructive lethal poison. The Minister of Conservation is a poison crazy lunatic and her partner who for years was working Senior Manager of DOC is a huge conflict of interest. Millions of dollars are paid to these trail of poisoners. We have a forest of death here after 1080 drops Epro/Ospri leave dead carcasses throughout the forest and waterways to rot and causes secondary poison. The government is not listening to the public of NZ its a total disgrace. Our ancestors fought hard to keep our lands from confiscation now the government has come back to spread poison and created legislation for this purpose. Our land is contaminated. Every moving wildlife are brutally killed, waterways are polluted our food source is no more and worse is the liars of DOC/OSPRI AND EPRO. They are scaremongering corrupt people I have ever met. Bringing deliberately infected possums to our forest land in cages and the contractor is too fearful for his life and family to make a written statement. The helicopters turn their GPS off when they cross the boundaries to drop the double up load of 1080 and killing anything in the way to make more money. Its shocking but the witness as the first one is also worried for his life. We want these poisoners out of our rohe it’s starting to get dangerous and must Ban 1080 like the rest of the world countries. NZ is the highest buyer at 96% of 1080. It’s too dangerous for tourist to come here we are a poison country and well known globally.Nga mihi nui
    commented on Progress towards ending the use of 1080 2019-06-24 16:47:28 +1200
    Why has the use of 1080 not been stopped. It’s proven to be of no benefit and poisons every living creature it comes into contact with. Waiting for an alternative doesn’t make it any more beneficial. There is no benefit to using 1080 now and never was. What are you waiting for?