New Zealand First Potential Candidates Academy Program

The people supporting the structure of the New Zealand First Party include experienced previous candidates, previous MPs and current MPs, together with up and coming new talent who are capable and ready to increase activity within the Party. New Zealand First has specified resources, manpower and finances.

The Potential Candidates programme is intended to:

  • create a supplementary support mechanism between the Party and the Parliamentary team to promote New Zealand First and support our busy MPs;
  • be focussed in areas where there are no established New Zealand First MPs or Ministers to enhance local coverage;
  • be the first stage of the process to becoming a Potential Candidate for New Zealand First.


The Potential Candidates programme is open to:

Previous candidates, previous MPs, campaign managers, identified talent.

Note: Each Candidate will be approved by the New Zealand First Senior Management group with clear delegations specified.


The Potential Candidate reports to:

The New Zealand First Party President



A New Zealand First Potential Candidate will be expected to have as many of the following criteria as possible, but not necessarily all:

  • Be proactive in multiple electorates
  • Work collaboratively with:
    • New Zealand First board members from their region;
    • The New Zealand First MP responsible for the appointed region;
    • The Party President and Acting Secretary General;
    • The Party’s central communications team and social media lead person
  • Have had Local Body election experience
  • Achieve membership and fundraising targets by managing at least three major events in each calendar year, including one major fundraiser and two party promotional events
  • Be actively involved with local community groups promoting New Zealand First policies
  • Write articles for local newspapers in conjunction with the allocated MP for the area
  • Maintain a positive social media presence
  • Represent the Party in a professional manner


Ideal Skills for a Potential Candidate:

  • Networking
  • Fundraising
  • Broad understanding of the political environment
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Professional dress and presentation
  • A strong work ethic to develop and motivate a team
  • Full understanding of New Zealand First policies
  • Ability to work independently yet collaboratively
  • Ability to take direction and implement instructions
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality where needed
  • Ability to work through conflict in a professional and constructive manner
  • Fully competent in google suite and all social media forums
  • Fully competent and have the ability to use all forms of electronic communication


Commitment required by all Potential Candidates:

  • Attend a one day Potential Candidates Academy in Christchurch on 18 October 2019
  • Maintain momentum in the role until the next election
  • Set and achieve electorate and party targets
  • Respond to emails, texts and messages promptly (within 24 hours)
  • Attend the Party convention, electorate AGMs and electorate meetings
  • Be accessible via smartphone


Potential Candidates Training and support will be provided: 

  • At the one-day Potential Candidates Academy covering
    • media and speech training
    • newspaper article writing
    • social media parameters
  • By the appointed MP
  • Ongoing guidance and support will be provided by the Party President and Acting Secretary-General



This role is an important tool for the New Zealand First Party to deliver its message effectively. It is imperative that people in this role are able to stay on message and deliver the message effectively. No Potential Candidate will have the ability to talk about or communicate anything other than approved and mandated subjects and messages.


Application Process

Submit the below Application and Statutory Declaration by 20th September 2019

Process to become a New Zealand First 2020 Candidate

Expression of Interest Form