PGF-funded Rotorua Lakefront development officially underway

New Zealand First Deputy Leader and Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau was in attendance during the morning blessing of the Rotorua Lakefront development project. Around 60 people gathered on the shores of Lake Rotorua, including city mayor Steve Chadwick and deputy Dave Donaldson.

The Lakefront development is a $40m project that is evenly jointly funded by the council and the Provincial Growth Fund. The first section of work on the development will involve the construction of a boardwalk and terracing around the lake edge.

The final work would have equated to $147m worth of investment and 57 per cent of it had been funded by partners others than the council.

Rotorua-based Tabuteau said that the project was something to celebrate: “This is a beautiful city with beautiful people in it and a morning like this just highlights what we can do when we do work together.”

“For me this is an amazing day,” he added.

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