Independant inquiry into ACC culture and practices.

Like WINZ, ACC is long overdue for an inquiry regarding its culture and treatment of its claimants. Breaches of claimants rights, declining claims, and dishonest strategies used to withhold entitlements such as rehabilitation are common practices at ACC. Previous Governments have turned a blind eye to these corrupt practices and have failed to address these issues. The coalition government owes the same duty of care to ACC claimants as it did with WINZ clients. I would like to see NZ First being the party that receives the recognition for overdue culture change needed at ACC. Regards Peter Walker

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    commented on Independant inquiry into ACC culture and practices. 2020-04-28 22:06:07 +1200
    I still find it difficult to understand why a service that’s there for kiwi’s who have work related injuries is not performing its role and tries to get them off the system as fast as possible back into work. The service is not meant as a sort of unemployment benefit its meant to help those who have genuinely had an accident at work so they can keep supporting their family’s whilst they recover or if serious enough be supported for whatever period of time is set out. The thing is most people who have had a work related accident would like to go back to work but they cannot because of physical pain. If nothing has changed with the service it needs to be shaken up and turned into one that does what its meant too.
    commented on Independant inquiry into ACC culture and practices. 2020-04-09 16:19:23 +1200
    I tag it well overdue!!! There should be a BIG STRIP DOWN OF ACC. I am a victim of ACC after falling down a flight of stairs when the box I was carrying upstairs, tore and my hand fell out and nothing to grab on to and I crashed down to bottom of stairs. A ACC friendly neurologist in Hamilton said what ACC wanted to hear that I had a pre existing condition, going way back called foot drop. That was his words. I had been doing line dancing for 2 years before the fall and you can’t do line dancing for 2 years beforehand with this supposed complaint. My doctor prior was my doctor for 25 years and he wasn’t consulted at all. The faster you do a referendum on ACC the better. They are so corrupt.
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