Permanent change necessary for major sporting events

Clayton Mitchell, Spokesperson for Sports and Recreation

Our alcohol trading laws need permanent change to account for major sporting events like the Rugby World Cup, says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Sports and Recreation Clayton Mitchell.

“New Zealand First whole heartedly supports The Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Rugby World Cup 2019 Extended Trading Hours) Amendment Bill that was passed today, but there must be a better way.

“The Bill allows for licensees to trade outside of their normal hours for the purpose of televising the Rugby World Cup. 

“It is the third Rugby World Cup in a row where Parliament has made this same temporary change to our trading laws. By passing a new bill every four years we are wasting house time, and taxpayer dollars.

“This interim measure is tried and tested and we need to look into the best way to incorporate this permanently.

“Any change could also include flexibility to account for other sporting events like the cricket, football or the Netball World Cup.

“New Zealand First recognises the importance of sporting events to our country and culture. We want to make it as easy as possible for New Zealanders to enjoy these events, and as easy as possible for businesses to show them,” says Mr Mitchell.


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