NZ First welcomes Govt waste work programme

Jenny Marcroft, Spokesperson for Environment

New Zealand First welcomes the Coalition Government’s announcement today that it will undertake work to address New Zealand’s long-neglected waste management issues, including investigating the long-standing New Zealand First policy of greater support for end-of-life product stewardship schemes.

“We are now seeing New Zealand First environmental policy, which will preserve the uniquely clean, green character of New Zealand’s environment, being realised by the Coalition Government,” says Jenny Marcroft, New Zealand First spokesperson for the Environment.

“Our Coalition Agreement looks to establish a tyre stewardship fund to address the challenge that end-of-life tyres pose. 4.6 million tyres reach their end of life in New Zealand each year but less than 30% are being recycled. This means that millions of tyres are stockpiled across New Zealand, leaking contaminants into the ground.

“The previous Government failed to declare end-of-life tyres a priority product, despite the value created through recycling them and through their use as an energy source. We are pleased to see the Coalition Government taking the first steps in the right direction,” Ms Marcroft says.

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