Nurses to get more protection, added to 'First Responders' legislation

Darroch Ball MP, New Zealand First Law and Order Spokesperson

An amendment to the ‘Protection of First Responders Bill’ is being tabled which will see emergency department healthcare workers included in the legislation.

“During this COVID-19 crisis we have seen reports of violence and specifically increased incidents of spitting towards our emergency healthcare workers.  Incidents of violence and assaults are common and have been building over the past few years, says New Zealand First Law and Order Spokesman Darroch Ball.

“This is clearly unacceptable and the First Responders legislation will give certainty and consistency of justice, consequences and a clear deterrent. 

“After hearing multiple submissions at the recent select committee, combined with consultation with the sector, it became clear that especially those nurses working in our ED wards need this protection,

The ‘Protection for First Responders Bill’ will see a mandatory minimum prison sentence of six months for those who intentionally injure our emergency workers.

“The protection of our police, paramedics, corrections officers and healthcare workers should be a priority as they all risk their own safety everyday protecting and serving the community.

“We need to draw a line in the sand and come down hard on those who choose to assault our first responders” says Mr Ball.

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