New Zealand public likely to vote on euthanasia bill thanks to NZ First

A change to the End of Life Choice Bill was passed in Parliament, meaning if politicians decide to vote for the law it must be approved by the public first.

A binding referendum was a condition insisted on by New Zealand First, and Jenny Marcroft’s supplementary order paper (SOP) successfully secured that. The bill's sponsor didn't want to send it to the public but he needed New Zealand First's nine votes to keep the bill alive.

The question voters will be asked was also agreed, and will be a yes or no question with the results being binding. Newshub spoke to Wellington voters to find out how they will vote and whether they even want to have their say in a referendum.

One person said they "100 percent think the public should vote".

Another said: "Everyone should have their say I don't think the politicians should just decide."

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said he has faith in the public's ability to make the right decision.

"They've got the brains, they've got the intelligence, they've got the experience, you make sure they get the information it will be fine" he said.

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