New Zealand primary exports reach record highs under Coalition Government

New Zealand’s primary sector exports continue to surpass expectations with revenue up 8.7 per cent on the previous year, reaching a record $46.4 billion in the year ended June 2019.

Our country’s total dairy export revenue is up 8.7 per cent to $18.1 billion, representing a $1.47 billion increase from the previous year.

For the year ending June 2020 horticulture revenue is forecasted to rise 3.8 per cent, seafood exports are also expected to rise 5.5 per cent. Meanwhile, meat and wool prices remain near record highs with strong international demand and prices for red meat products are expected to remain at near-record highs for the near future.

The Coalition Government is committed to supporting and partnering with the primary industry, and this partnership with our country’s key export sector is paying dividends with the booming export revenue it is earning.

New Zealand First, as part of our campaign promise, had also pledged to push for an export-driven economic growth and these good news in our primary industries sector is a testament to our commitment to increase our country’s exports.

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