New Zealand needs to ensure it is “getting the right people”, Winston Peters says regarding population growth

As Census reveals the fastest population growth in 50 years, Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says it is important that New Zealand needs to make sure it’s immigration policy is centred on the benefit of the economy.

"The reality is that it's not whether it's too high, it is whether you are getting the right people,” he said.

"That is whether you're advancing the technical and skill-base of your economy in a world where that is critical, or are you just taking the kind of person who would not subscribe or benefit the economy that other smart economies have focussed on”.

In short, they organise immigration to suit the economy, not the converse," Mr Peters added.

One in six New Zealanders failed to respond to the 2018 Census, which Statistic New Zealand has called unacceptably low and prompted the Government statistician Liz MacPherson to announce her resignation last month.

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