New Zealand First pushes for tougher livestock rustling measures

New Zealand First is pleased with the Government’s necessary crack down on livestock rustling, but believes it should go further.

“We want a far more comprehensive approach to be taken”, says New Zealand First spokesperson for Primary Industries, Mark Patterson.

“We have advocated for the need for such legislation and pushed for this throughout our coalition negotiations. This is a longstanding New Zealand First policy.

“New Zealand First’s member’s bill, drafted by Hon Ron Mark, provided for the confiscation of assets used in the commissioning of the crime like in the Fisheries Act. This allows trucks, quads, cars, trailers, freezers and property used to hold the livestock prior to on selling, to be confiscated.

“The Bill introduced yesterday is an appropriate interim step to prevent this abhorrent crime. Livestock rustling does not only impact the economic aspects of farming, it results in severe cases of animal cruelty. When animals are stolen, they are killed without consideration of the humane practices farms are required to undertake.

“Livestock rustling responsible for a huge amount of stress on our rural communities and farmers. We need harsher laws that accurately reflect that”, says Mr Patterson


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