New Ambassador to Egypt named

Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today announced the appointment of diplomat Greg Lewis as New Zealand’s next Ambassador to Egypt.

Mr Peters said that New Zealand enjoys a warm and constructive relationship with Egypt.

“Egypt is a regional leader, and New Zealand values Egyptian perspectives on issues affecting the Middle East and North Africa.

“New Zealand Defence Force personnel have served with the Multinational Force and Observers in and around the Sinai Peninsula since 1982.

“New Zealand also has a strong trade relationship with Egypt, which is our second largest trading partner in Africa. A key focus for the new Ambassador will be to advance our trade and economic connections.”

In addition to Egypt, Mr Lewis will be cross-accredited to Lebanon, Tunisia and Libya. He will also be New Zealand’s representative to the Palestinian Authority.

Mr Lewis is currently Lead Advisor in the Protocol Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. An Arabic speaker, he has served in the New Zealand Embassies in Cairo and in Riyadh.

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