Minister Jones: “More than a thousand jobs created since Provincial Growth Fund launched”

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has claimed success in helping New Zealanders move from welfare and into gainful employment with the Provincial Growth Fund.

Speaking to Newshub Nation, the Minister said the Provincial Growth Fund he looks after has created "well over" 1000 jobs in the almost two years since its inception.

"We're well over the 1000 mark and soon I'll be releasing more figures. Though I am a politician, I am not making these figures up. Two thousand people have enjoyed the fiscal attention of the Provincial Growth Fund."

Minister Jones said the numbers were collated from both full- and part-time workers, and he expects more to develop as further projects get underway.

"Well, the reality is, some of the projects, for example building the gondola in Ruapehu, there's both the full-time jobs, but there's the service providers and the contractors who get in there and build the stuff together.”

"Once the infrastructure is up and running, once the businesses are up and running, they will attract more people over time,” he added.

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