Strong support for Zero Carbon Act

We desperately need a strong and ambitious (and immediate) Zero Carbon Act. This is a very real climate emergency. NZ First has an opportunity to be a part of creating a better, fairer, more resilient, more ecologically balanced country. The climate crisis is the most important and dangerous issue that the human species has ever faced; and an enormous opportunity to use the climate feedback system to adjust our society to live in harmony with our ecosystem. We need to be fully committed to building a better future, to immediate mitigation of NZ's part in the climate crisis (switch fossil fuel subsidies to renewable energy subsidies / solar incentives, immediate end to further dairy intensification and support farmers switch towards organic practises and regenerative agriculture, get an ETS that works, allow the RMA to consider climate effects, more protection for fresh water and fisheries...and so on). This is a terrifying world to face growing old in. Please do your part.

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