Helping youth transition from state care

Hon Tracey Martin, Minister for Children

Minister for Children Hon Tracey Martin has announced a package to support young people in state care transition into adulthood. The $153.7 million dollar package is designed to be a safety net for 18-25 year olds who don't have a family to fall back on.

“Teenagers leaving care should have the right to expect what any young person would want - knowing there is someone to turn to if they need help; a warm bed to sleep in; some help and encouragement when it is needed. This service will provide that, both by allowing young people to stay longer with their caregivers and providing specialised transitions support workers whose job is to help this group,” says Tracey Martin.

New Zealand First strongly supports the programme to effectively support youth in state care into becoming independent adults, and applauds the work of Minister Martin in this area.

This Transition Support Service means that young people will no longer be cut off from government support when they turn 18 and aims to break the cycle of families needing state care. This service is expected to help around 3,000 young people over the next four years.


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