Government-funded security system in dairies foils robbery

A dairy owner in St Kilda, Dunedin was delighted to hear that an attempted robbery of his establishment was foiled by a government-funded security system.

Sean Lee was delighted at how well the anti-theft smoke system worked. When a knife-wielding man entered the store, the shop assistant immediately pressed a button that activated the smoke cannon – filling the store with smoke in only three seconds.

The anti-theft smoke system worked and the would-be robber fled the shop immediately. There were no injuries reported, and the only unintended consequence of the security system was that it set-off the fire alarm causing Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) to send two appliances to respond.

The first fog cannons were installed throughout the country in late 2017. A total of 445 dairies had them installed by 2019, and an additional funding of $370,000 by the Coalition Government allowed a further 90 at-risk businesses to have the security system installed.

Police Minister Stuart Nash reported last year that there had been a 40% decrease in aggravated robberies at dairies as a result of the government investment in the security systems.

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