Foreign Minister Winston Peters ready for trade talks with Brexit looming

Foreign Minister Winston Peters is predicting a hard Brexit for the United Kingdom, as he believes British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won’t be able to negotiate terms before the October 30 deadline.

The Minister, who was one of the first to publicly come out and predict British voters would leave the European Union during the 2016 referendum, told Waatea News that New Zealand exporters including Māori can find a positive side to Britain’s pain.

"What does it mean for Māori? It means we’ve got to have a wider and better market. What it means for international affairs is we will have a new and more engaged party in the Pacific helping us on the Pacific projects we need to work on for our own security," he says.

In the wake of a hard Brexit, Minister Peters believes Britain will then have to negotiate trade agreements, with New Zealand likely to be one of the first.

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