Failing Drink-Drive Law Needs Changing

Darroch Ball, New Zealand First Spokesman for Law and Order

New Zealand First MP Darroch Ball has submitted a Members’ Bill seeking to repeal the 2014 law which lowered drink-driving limits.

Mr Ball says the stricter limits have demonstrably failed at lowering both the rate of offending and the number of fatalities on our roads caused by drink-driving.

“Since the alcohol breath and blood levels were made more restrictive, the number of drink driving accidents has actually increased,” he says. “There has been a 36 percent increase in charges, 40 percent increase in convictions, and up to 50 percent increase in fatalities involving drink-drivers.”

The overly restrictive law simply hasn’t worked and actually targets the wrong people, Mr Ball says.

“The vast majority of drivers in fatal drink-driving accidents have been in the range of twice the legal limit. These are the recidivist, high-level drink drivers we need to be targeting – not hard-working Kiwis who have a beer or wine after work.

“The lower limits have also had a negative effect on rural pubs, and the communities which support them.”

The Land Transport (Repeal of Lower Specified Alcohol Limits) Amendment Bill will reinstate the legal breath-alcohol limit of 400mcg per litre of breath, and blood-alcohol limit of 80mg per 100ml of blood.


Authorised by Darroch Ball, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

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