Happiness Index

Dear team, I would like to suggest that NZ First investigate the possibility to include happiness index alongside GDP as a measurement of the country's development. It is common sense that we are happier when we are better. NZ First commit to creating "A better life for all New Zealander." With GDP as a critical measurement, there is a lot of skills promoted, such as financial, accounting, business development etc. Happiness is a skill too. It is not a status. If we include the Happiness Index in, we can fast track our focus. As there will be a lot of organisations and institutions, start to work on increasing the happiness of the general population. I am glad that this government start the term, wellness in the budget now. According to my Chinese tradition, Tao, change is the only no changes. All others are continually changing or cycling. There is spiral motion in-bedded to this world. If we have a focus, then we can always utilise the changes towards our focus. We don't need to chase the tails. The first environment worth saving is you. Love Sophia Xiao-Colley

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