With every new house built, that one large size water tank be installed for owners to either use permanently, or as a back up when no rain.

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    commented on TANKED. 2020-04-28 22:53:11 +1200
    It would offer one more reason to build a new home rather than buying an existing one. It should be possible for govt to source and provide water tanks made of relatively cheap but reliable materials. It may be something that local councils would have to look into rather than govt unless govt ran a scheme similar to housing insulation, something like kiwis that build their own home given a free water tank as an incentive. It’d be great for rentals. One other thing it’d be good for is would make community’s more resilient in a natural disaster including drought and lessen demand on water supplies but this is really getting more into local politics. Still i think you’ve suggested an interesting idea.
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