i would like it to run 24/7 for people who can't sleep at night being one reason. Advertisers would be those who sell products for aged people A repetitive instruction on how to operate a basic mob. phone with repeat instructions over a week, then on to the next stage for another week to guarantee absorbtion during this series of lessons to learn the art. Another important item we need to instruct the elders is the system of using an eftpos card since their cheque accounts have been cast aside. This channel would give them the full story of how to bank using a card. The instructions would be repetitive to make sure people were happy with the learning process and they understood.. Another item to screen would be good movies Rialto style. Crafts and hobbies and goods produced by those people .Online games. Book Reviews. Inter area v outer areas for Indoor and Outdoor bowls (scoreboards of other area games. Dart competitions interclub. Dog/cat grooming. How to repair this and that. Doing up old cars. Underwear for 50s plus male/female. Mobility scooter advertisers. Campervan cruisers and pros and cons of it. Campervan cruisers club. Good places to stay in NZ. Disability Aids and how to use some. Trips and tours to go on. Refresher Driving instructions. How to maintain your car. Dealing with Cancer. and other illnesses. Gardening. How to organise your own departure from this planet. Buy and sell site. Find a friend. RSA input. Grey Power input. Aged Concern input. Shows/concerts This is all that I can think of at present, but I want it strictly for the specified age group and remember it is an ageing population. Thank you. Adrienne

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