About New Zealand First

The New Zealand First Party is the third largest party in the New Zealand Parliament. The party was formed in 1993 based on its Fundamental Principles which (attached). They are still the basis for its policies and its operations.

Under New Zealand’s Mixed Member Proportional electoral system the party was represented in New Zealand’s Parliament from 1996 – 2008 (when it failed to reach the 5% threshold and lost its presence in the parliament). The party returned to the parliament in 2011 and has held seats since then.

Following the 2017 general election in 2017 the party retained 9 seats in the House of Representatives and formed a coalition government with the New Zealand Labour Party.

The Leader of the party, the Right Honourable Winston Peters became the Deputy Prime Minister and the party holds three other cabinet seats.

At the core of New Zealand First's policies are its "Fifteen Fundamental Principles"; the first being "To put New Zealand and New Zealanders First".They largely echo the policies that Winston Peters has advocated throughout his career. New Zealand First seeks to "promote and protect the customs, traditions and values of all New Zealanders".