“Winston Peters is the voice of reason in a government soft on drugs”

Political commentator Mike Hosking has labelled New Zealand First leader Winston Peters as “the voice of reason in a government soft on drugs”, for the Party’s stance on drug testing at music festivals.

“If common sense is worth a vote, Winston Peters is quids in,” Mr Hosking said.

The Labour and Green parties are both calling for drug testing stations at music festivals, where those who are planning to take illegal drugs can test them in case they have been laced with dangerous substances.

“You give kids the green light from the state that drugs are accepted and supported and they'll go nuts with them. And enough of them have already gone nuts,” the commentator wrote on his op-ed article in the New Zealand Herald.

“What Labour represents on drugs is an example of the attitude that prevails on so many of today's ills: from obesity, to salt, sugar, exercise, booze, tobacco and vaping.”

“It's an attitude of defeat, a white flag mentality whereby we go 'oh well, it's all a bit hard. We asked politely, we ran the obligatory campaign, it didn't work so let's acquiesce',” he added.

“So it is with some relief and thanks that we can look to New Zealand First who are, to this point anyway, holding the line,” the shock jock declared.




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