“Get on with your job or get replaced”, Winston Peters tells NZTA board

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has lashed out at the New Zealand Transport Authority board, telling one of its new members to “get on with your job” or else they would get replaced.

His comments come in response to a now deleted tweet from board member Patrick Reynolds, which called Peters' party "personality based" and said the veteran MP would soon retire. Mr Peters said it was "very very stupid" for the former to board member to make those remarks.

“My message to him would be that'll be your last outing with your mouth, get on with your job and if we ever hear from you again, we'll have a new board member on,” the Party Leader added.

However, Mr Peters said his comments are not a threat: “It's not a threat – I want them to focus on their job and leave out the politics.”

Mr Reynolds is known to be a supporter of the Auckland light-rail project.



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