'Demerit Points System’ will address youth crime

Darroch Ball MP, Spokesperson for Law and Order

A New Zealand First member’s bill drawn from the ballot today seeks to overhaul the youth justice system by instigating a system of demerit points for offences committed by young offenders.

“The ‘Youth Justice Demerit Point System’ will put an end to the existing situation of perpetual reoffending by youth without consequences,” says Darroch Ball, New Zealand First Spokesperson for Law and Order.

Youth will be held to account for their actions swiftly and early, with tiered levels of consequences depending on the type of crime and the overall number of demerit points they have accrued.

“The system will enable the ‘one-time offenders’ to learn from their mistakes and be given the necessary support and guidance they need. More importantly, it will ensure those who continually reoffend are held to account and face more serious consequences.

Mr Ball says this type of demerit point system structure was already effectively used in New Zealand with traffic offences.

“It is a simple system but will be effective against the increasing numbers of youth who think they can get away scot-free and face few, if any, real consequences in the current youth justice system.”




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