I would like to see stricter immigration restrictions on Low and medium skilled workers. I live in Christchurch and returned from living overseas for 3 years only to come back with my husband and struggle to find housing quickly because of the housing shortage a lot of the people renting the houses are people from on visas and foreigners and also I found it near impossible to find work and even though I have skills and applied for multiple positions. I have many new zealand born friends in the same position intelligent and very capable yet I see foreigners doing jobs we can do. I agree to bringing in high skilled staff that would contribute to NZ. My husband ( from Scotland) of 6 years is on a partnership work visa and applying for residency this year but fear we are being ignored with hard the immigration process while a lot of media cover the indian community where because of arranged marriage seem to have a much easier time than, kiwi born citizens with a foreign partner. I am hoping this year that there is some action so that kiwis can start and have jobs and housing becomes more accessible with less people being allowed residency.

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