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Policy suggestions Selwyn DC Bridge to IZONe walking Invite bike, scooter sharing Invite uber eats, ola Invite pak n save Invite new start ups to nz to Selwyn Invite video bloggers to selwyn IT office hub/business office meet hub – rent space Local bus central - Bus routes to airport, zoo, Ashburton Gov Government bureaucracy on all levels should be much more customer focused. At the moment NZ gov bureaucracy doesn’t have any motivation to improve their customer interaction. Instead follow their internal rules Which has nothing to do with improving customer experience. Impression user receives is that government is living it’s own separate life. Government should be serving public. It is not what government is doing now. Across all levels there should be much greater emphasis on customer service. Things which should be automated and options available for users are very very slow and delayed. Simple things and decisions takes a long long long time. Government should be much more customer focused. Financial Compulsory kiwisaver for residents 12% Compulsory health insurance for all temp visas For international students and temp visa, work visa, visitor visa Compulsory health insurance for all temp visas This will help NZ domestic insurance market Will ease health system in nz Redundancy insurance/redundancy saving acct along kiwisaver – private income protection for unemployed. Residents health house car content life disability insurance – make tax deductible This will stimulate insurance market for domestic market Ability to pay insurance from kiwisaver This will ensure more people have cover And cheaper for kiwisaver fund to buy insurance Immigration Foreigners should be able to buy ONLY new builds or significant redevelopment properties. Health Compulsory annual health check up incl dentist and optometrist. Subsided for residents. Tax Fresh food, healthcare, spending gst expempt - this will stimulate healthier lifestyle More IT R&D tax incentives Tax religious organisations, no charity status for religious organisations Only charity status for organisations that help poor Economy Free trade agreements with EU, USA, Latin America, Africa, India, Standardise building requirements – easier to build More competition in grocery market. More goods from Europe Make easier accreditation for building materials – lowers price of build materials for houses LESS RED TAPE – IRD, LOCAL COUNCILS, import export accreditations. More zoning for residential builds More zoning for intensive building apartments More direct flights for Chch – Europe, USA, Asia Solar panels and wind power incentives Electricity export cable to Australia and Asia Partial privatisations of soe – retain gov control 51% but list rest on stock exchange for public to have access to benefits of it and for soe to be run more efficiently Make study at uni and colleges and high school more align with job market Tech hub in Chch – more incetives and easier access to Anglosphere online markets – start ups need more customers This is key to investment – therefore NZ startaups need access to Anglosphere markets In main cities – Syd, Melb, London, LA, NY. For tech Make some gov ministries and SOE headqurted around country At least some departments and SOE headquartered in Chch. Transfer Devonport Navy base from Auckland to Chch. Devonport could be sold and make serious profit Chch got many locations for good navy base Build a bridge in Chch between New Brighton and Sumner. Beach more entertainment zones along the beach, Concrete Railway Ashburton – Rolleston - chch – kaipoi – Rangiora – for daily commutes More embassies in NZ for world countries, maybe at least registered representatives More free travel agreements for NZ passport – make it more powerful More airline connections More incentives to bring movies to NZ – talk to big studios in EU and USA Canada and ASIA and India Get rid of regional councils and split their duties between local councils and national government Merge more local councils Finish all iwi deals More internet cables, more server farms – incentives for faster cheaper internet Pharmac – more medicine access, work with Australia, UK, USA – to get more access to medicine, joint research – like military do. Alliance to fund medicine. Pharmac – buy for hardware for healthcare – buys through pharmac for medical consumables for dhbs Couple tax rates – if people in relationship and earn different – then ability to reduce tax in couple – Australia has that. More irrigations schemes – more incomes for provinces Work from home incentives – gov employee more ability to work from home Learn school/college/uni from home incenitves –course accreditations for distance education from home 3 years free uni/college for residents Free/subsidies dental and optometrists for residents Paid parental leaver 52 weeks/1 year for both parents. Reserve bank – include unemployment, Remove maory seats Incentives for robotics and recycling industry Simplify taxes - not lower taxes but simpler taxes. Main NZ city centers - to provide better support, make incentive for people to move there Easier to help people

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