Encourage NZ packaged goods industries to switch to glass instead of plastic

One thing ive often wondered about in NZ is why glass bottles have fallen out of fashion? We have sand everywhere being surrounded by ocean. For those that have a basic understanding of chemistry sand is an important component in creating glass. Glass packaging makes a superior product particularly in bottled drinks for its aesthetic appeal and how it cools the product. Im not sure if its still being run in Australia, for a time there was a recycling scheme where every bottle would give a refund back


'The container deposit scheme (CDS) is one of the first pieces of environmental legislation to focus on the ‘polluter pays’ principle, where beverage suppliers are responsible for funding a refund for returned drink containers. If someone discards an empty container they forfeit the right to the refund and someone else would benefit by picking it up and collecting that refund.'

Something similar could take place here. It would certainly turn one man or womans trash into anothers treasure. I still remember when i was in my teens BP ran this scheme for recycling where you could insert drink cans into a special machine with a mechanical crusher and a slot wheel akin to a gambling machine that per can gave a chance to win a free drink and similar. Friends used to haul huge bags up to BP it was very effective. The point is that plastic is a huge pollution problem i would say one of the biggest that's rising. The oceans are becoming full of plastic as is some countries rivers. Its pretty bad. So if glass is a superior product in many ways one might wonder why its not more widely used considering its recyclability

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