1800 Police allocated across the Provinces

In government, New Zealand First has a proud record of upholding the safety of our communities.

The allocation of the Coalition Government’s 1800 new police officers were announced this week as part of our coalition commitment to deliver the greatest single investment in policing in New Zealand history.

This new investment comes after nine years of underfunding, stretching police resources thin. Between 2010 and 2018, police numbers dropped by a net figure of 27. This is despite a population increase of 385,000 people.

We’ve heard stories of dairy robberies, fleeing drivers, reduced police responses to burglaries, youth offenders running rampant on our streets, and increases in serious violent crime. With 1100 of the 1800 additional police dedicated to community safety, the Coalition Government is doing what is necessary to protect our neighbourhoods and hold offenders to account.

Now, our cities and our neglected provincial areas will receive the policing support they need. Our provincial towns throughout Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki Whanganui and Manawatu will gain between 17 and 27 percent more officers.

This represents a total increase in Police constabulary numbers of around 20 per cent, but to some of our most neglected communities this uniformed presence represents much more.

The boost in numbers provides a greater focus on organised crime and the drug trade. 700 of the 1800 officers will be dedicated to disrupting the supply and distribution of methamphetamine and illicit products, cyber-crime, money laundering, and child sex exploitation. 

Just as in 1996 and 2005 when New Zealand First was in Government, and we secured increases in police numbers of 500 and 1000 respectively, we’re demonstrating once again in 2018 that we’re the party committed to common-sense law and order policy.

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