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New Zealand First is the third largest party in the New Zealand Parliament. The Party was formed in 1993 to represent those New Zealanders concerned about the social and economic direction of our country, and who were seeking pragmatic, common-sense representation in Parliament.

Following the 2017 General Election, the Party retained 9 seats in the House of Representatives and formed a Coalition Government with the New Zealand Labour Party. Party Leader, Rt Hon Winston Peters, became Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and the Party secured three other Cabinet positions and an Undersecretary role.

At the core of New Zealand First's policies are our "Fifteen Fundamental Principles", which emphasise accountable and transparent government, common-sense social and economic policy, and the placing of the interests of New Zealand, and New Zealanders, at the forefront of Government decision-making.


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New digital service to make business easy

The Coalition Government has announced a new digital platform to improve the ease-of-doing business in New Zealand. Business Connect, which received $7.1 million over two years in Budget 2019, will enable businesses and government agencies to work together smarter. This new platform integrates access to multiple services through a single digital portal, and cuts out redundant paperwork. Small businesses in particular will benefit as they can interact with central and local government agencies seamlessly via a single platform, streamlining the way government services can be applied for. Many business-owners have complained that they find public services complex to navigate, and the paperwork associated with starting a business is taking more time than it should. A lot of the information being asked by different government agencies is also repetitive, and more efficiency can be achieved with better coordination across government. Business Connect will allow a business to log on to a customised dashboard, update their information in one place which can be shared across multiple agencies. The portal will also allow them to track the status of their applications and be notified online of approvals and renewals. Those businesses which have registered for a New Zealand Business Number will also get a head start as this can be used to pre-populate details on the platform. Central and local government agencies that join Business Connect will be able to follow common templates and rules in order to design and deliver more integrated digital services. Despite New Zealand consistently ranking number one in the world as the easiest country to do business in, there is always room for improvement. With Business Connect, the Coalition Government is showing its commitment to helping businesses thrive in the digital age through innovation.   READ MORE


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