Young Offenders Responsible for Violent Crimes

Young offenders are committing 42 per cent of all violent robberies in New Zealand, says New Zealand First.

“These young thugs don’t care if they are caught by police because of the government’s ‘cotton wool’ approach of no accountability,” says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Youth Affairs, Darroch Ball.


“Police statistics paint a disturbing picture.


“The 15-19 year-old age group only make up 6% of the population, yet they commit a high number of the violent crimes we’ve seen around the country recently.


“These young offenders need to be held to account. 


“While the amount of offending is a serious concern, it is worrying that the rate of offending is increasing at staggering levels in most regions.


“Between 2015 and 2016, the number of serious offences committed by 15-19 year olds increased in 10 of the 12 police districts.


“Robberies committed by teens in Waitemata and Southern Districts rose 40%, Northland and Canterbury increased over 50%, and Counties/Manakau is up by a staggering 80%.


“Sexual assaults committed by teens increased in 7 of the 12 police districts, with Waikato up 36% and Waitemata up 45%.


“Across the entire country burglaries committed by teens increased 13% and robberies by a massive 40%,” says Mr Ball.