Wowsers Target Another Kiwi Tradition - BYO

03 March 2017

New Zealand First is warning the government against adopting a recommendation to end the Kiwi tradition of Bring You Own (BYO), and not just at race meetings, but because it marks the beginning of the end of BYO at family picnics.


“Why is the government even considering such a ridiculous recommendation that’s not worth the paper it’s written upon,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament, Rt Hon Winston Peters.


 “For the politically correct wowsers dreaming up rubbish like this New Zealand First has a clear message. Ordinary New Zealanders going about their lawful activities pay taxes to give you the job that you have, so stop dreaming up stupid ideas to justify your existence.  


“Saying BYO at a provincial race meeting represents ‘serious harm’ is so far off the planet you’d laugh if it came from a certain political party.  As an official recommendation to the Police Minister it is seriously worrying.


“It is BYO at the races today but it will become a blanket ban on alcohol at community and family picnics next.  Nanny-state recommendations like this will not fly when the vast majority of Kiwis treat alcohol responsibly and we need policy to reflect that. 


“The fact is that the mass majority of people comply with the law and are not in any way a social problem.  For that small minority who cannot behave responsibly with alcohol, we should return the “drunk and disorderly laws”, which an equally out of touch Parliament removed some time ago.


 “What is being recommended here will destroy a significant part of New Zealand social life and particularly significant events in the provinces.  It’s time to tell the Nazi-like attitude cops to take a hike,” says Mr Peters.