Winds Of Change Set To Blow In NZ

06 April 2017

The benign picture National is painting that all is well in New Zealand is cracking and the winds of change are coming to the country, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the Scottish referendum, Australia’s snap election are recent examples which show ordinary citizens are fed up with globalism and the rule of elites,” Mr Peters said in a speech to the Asia Plus Group of Ambassadors in Lower Hutt today.

“Here in New Zealand, people are waking up; they are becoming disillusioned with the old parties’ neo-liberalism and they are growing sick of the government’s rhetoric.

“The prime minister expects the public to believe he has an operating surplus of $1.14 billion for the last seven months to January.

“It is a bogus surplus made possible only by National slashing funding to health by $1.76 billion since they came to office; freezing police budgets since 2010; keeping education funding frozen and then cutting it each year from 2011 to 2014; providing DoC with $53 million less funding each year from 2008 until 2015; cutting industry training by $27 million since 2008.

“Cuts and frozen budgets have placed schools, hospitals and government departments under massive pressures.

“We have a housing crisis in Auckland; there are 91,000 young New Zealanders who are not in training or education.

“We are taking in immigrants at ridiculous levels – 71,000 net a year.

“We have major law and order problems with insufficient police and crime rampant in some of our small towns.

“The wave of discontent seen last year in Europe and the United States is here, now in New Zealand – and change is coming,” said Mr Peters.