Who's Telling Porkies: The Public, Police Association, Or The Minister?

28 March 2017

Minister of Police Paula Bennett is either telling porkies or she can’t handle her portfolio, says New Zealand First Police Spokesperson Ron Mark.

“In Parliament, New Zealand First asked the minister why she did not advise the public that 200 police were being axed this year and she said we had our facts completely and utterly wrong.

“Yet the Police Association has stated the country’s 26 Vehicle Safety Officers (VSOs) are to be cut, then we have the road transport forum chief executive Ken Shirley confirming there’s a restructure of the Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit (CVIU).

“New Zealand First has also received confidential emails from the public advising cuts are being made of VSOs, the CVIU and also in highway patrols

“The minister is saying something entirely different – that no decisions have yet been made and consultation is still going on.

“The Police Association would not go out and make such statements lightly, so the minister needs to tell the public the true facts.

“Axing these jobs at a time of high numbers of road fatalities will mean our roads will become increasingly dangerous.

“The alternative SH63/SH7 route being used after the Kaikoura earthquake is one example of how safety standards are slipping on our roads.

“Instead of cutting the VSOs, CVIU and highway patrols there is strong case for them to be increased.

“It is doubly strange the government is cutting these jobs when they are aiding and abetting in the death of KiwiRail with lines being shut down forcing more trucks on our roads.

“In view of facts, it is very clear Paula Bennett is not up to her job,” says Mr Mark.