Warning To Greens - Don't Call Us Racist

10 July 2017

New Zealand First has a warning for the Greens – don’t call us racist, New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters said at a public speech in Balclutha today.

“This morning I was watching TV One’s Q&A and saw a co-leader from another party referring to myself as being racist.

“That same leader was talking about the launch of their water policy in Nelson today as though they have a mortgage on every sound idea for environmental sustainability.

“They don’t of course, and worse still, when it comes to water their philosophy is so perverse they are happy for water to be not owned by the people of New Zealand, but rather just some of the people of New Zealand.

“In fact, the Greens believe Maori own the water.

“And like the Maori Party and the National Party that view is precisely what they are writing into law.

“She then went on to say that she could work with New Zealand First as though we’re going to accept an allegation that we are racist, when it is parties like the Greens that would take this country down the pathway to racial separatism.

“Racially separatist policies are deeply entrenched in the Greens policies.

“My warning to the Greens is don’t call New Zealand First racist - an allegation that is spurious - and think there won’t be consequences.

“We are calling out the Greens right now.

“Why should anyone believe the Greens are concerned about water, when they have such a racially jingoistic attitude towards its ownership.”