Unemployed Youth ‘Just Having Fun’ - Goldsmith

Young New Zealanders who are out of work, and not receiving education or training are just having some fun and just taking some time off, according to the government, says New Zealand First. 

“Today the Minister of Tertiary Education Skills and Employment, Paul Goldsmith was not bothered that almost 90,000 young Kiwis are virtually in limbo and appeared to suggest it was a lifestyle choice,” says New Zealand First Social Development Spokesperson Darroch Ball.

“The Minister’s reaction highlights the government’s inability to fully understand the reasons behind a nearly 20 per cent increase in unemployed, disengaged youth under their watch.

“The problem is getting worse under National – a government that believes young people who can’t find work are idle by choice.

“Minister Goldsmith went on to say that, ‘when they are ready to join the workforce they can’.

“With record immigration of 71,000 net, and many taking low skilled jobs, and few chances to learn trade skills, it is little wonder that numbers are the highest since 2011 for 15-19 year olds,” says Mr Ball.