“New Zealand First will ensure development of a comprehensive New Zealand Transport Strategy to guide transport planning and investment, with the goal of building an integrated transport system. That starts by keeping our transportation assets, our roads, rail, ports and airports in Kiwi hands and not those of foreigners. This is about ensuring New Zealand’s long term transport needs are met.”

— Rt Hon Winston Peters


  • Ensure that all the funds raised through fuel excise taxes, Road User Charges and their successors go into the National Land Transport Programme.
  • Expansion of median barriers.
  • Restore the Manawatu Gorge road connection to reinstate SH3.
  • Restore road Funding Assistance Rate levels (FARs) and regionally distributed funding.
  • Rebalance metropolitan spending so that the regions get equality.
  • Build a national network of fast EV charging points in service areas.


  • Driver license training for every secondary school student.
  • Require that foreign licensed drivers be restricted to cars equipped with safety aids.
  • Hold rental agencies responsible to vet the driving competence of foreign licensed drivers against an established objective standard.
  • Phase-in mandatory third-party insurance as part of vehicle registration.


  • Require government and council vehicles to be 100% zero emission by 2025/26 (with exemptions for emergency services and NZDF).
  • Initiate a Public Inquiry on the future of conventionally powered motor vehicles — to put in place what we need to have mostly zero emission vehicles by 2050.
  • Electrify rail with a spur to Auckland International Airport connecting it to the network.
  • Establish accessible public transport for people in all major population centres with accessible ‘flexible transport services’ operating in smaller centres.
  • Public transport, walking and cycling to be factors in urban spatial development plans.
  • Offer travel enhancements to SuperGold Card holders.


  • Develop Railways of National Importance (RoNI) backed by full electrification.
  • Build a rail spur to Auckland International Airport connecting it to the main trunk line.
  • Complete the rebuild of Northland’s rail network and build a spur to Northport.
  • Reinstate the Gisborne to Wairoa rail line and upgrade other lines.


  • Legislate for the Port of Auckland to relocate to Northport by the end of 2027.
  • Require KiwiRail to purchase purpose built road and rail ferries and not cast-offs.
  • Boost New Zealand’s mercantile marine fleet with tax and fiscal incentives.
  • Integrate our Ports, roads and Railways of National Importance.


  • Support a transparent process for the establishment of airport pricing by airport companies, and ensure that they maintain a pricing regime which recovers no more than a fair rate of return.
  • Entrench five-yearly reviews of all airport charges to airlines, and to require airport companies to establish a fair rate of return by independent assessment.
  • Fund local authority airports via GST from foreign tourists and Royalties for the Regions.
  • Implement airport recommendations for funding by the New Zealand Airports Association.