Theft One More Blow To Proper Funding Of Ambulance

The theft of a medical kit from an ambulance is appalling, putting a further burden on an already stretched service, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“St John Marlborough has been targeted by a theft, with a $2000 medical kit being stolen while they were out on the job. They cannot afford it. 

“St John Marlborough revealed in March it needed an extra $1000 a day to meet its organisational spend.

“St John has been running on little for years, and forced to send vehicles out with just one person.

“Since 2015, St John has warned that from next year, they will no longer risk staff and patient safety through the use of single-crewed ambulances.

“Despite this warning, the government continues to reduce the level of funding.

“New Zealanders have always been able to rely on a free ambulance service but they have not been able to rely on a National government to support the service properly.

“It’s time for National to open its purse and fund the financial shortfall of the ambulance service.

“New Zealand First wants every ambulance to be double crewed and we want ambulance services properly funded,” says Mr Peters.