The Poor Can Forget Their Greens

New Zealanders have been sold out by the Greens big time, says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“The cloistered Greens are rushing to be goody two shoes on the international stage with the pledge of bringing in 5000 refugees.

“The Greens are so out of touch, holed up in Wellington, not even peeking over the walls of their safe offices. They refuse to open one electorate office anywhere in the country and it shows in their disconnect with the plight of hundreds of thousands of poor and homeless New Zealanders.

“Kiwis are living in cars, garages and slum-like boarding houses but that’s no matter to the Greens. There’s real poverty and degradation right outside the door, but not in the Greens offices.

“They know nothing of the soaring population, caused by mass immigration of net 72,000 every year, and the resultant plight of Kiwis.  Wages are stagnant, two adults working full time is not enough to keep meat and vegies on the table each night – but the Greens don’t know this. And they want to add thousands to the waiting lists for houses.

“It’s astonishing that a political party purporting to be about all things good for this country can be so blind to their own compatriots. 

“High rents, high house prices, kids in libraries and halls doing their work, hospital queues, congested roads - it all adds up to a country on the brink of dysfunction. And the Greens want to add to it.

“Mr Shaw and Ms Turei have accused New Zealand First of racism and being xenophobic  about immigration – that’s rich when they show a callous disregard for New Zealanders own welfare and living standards,” says Mr Peters.